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KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE -Countdown Eve Show-


KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE -Countdown Eve Show-

During the Age of Discovery around 500 years ago, people who lived in Okinawa were called "Lequios (means people of Ryukyu)" by the Portuguese "Tomé Pires" who visited Ryukyu Kingdom as the friendly, unarmed peace-loving people.

Besides, as Okinawa was occupied by the United States until 1972, the authentic Rock and roll scene was born in Okinawa earlier than the mainland of Japan. It was called “OKINAWAN ROCK” attracting worldwide attention.

As Alliance, an Okinawa-based rock band which is mainly active overseas, would like to revive the movement with the Okinawa's rock scene with such a history as the "LEQUIOS-ROCK". “KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE”, an event to be held to spread the Okinawa Rock Scene whose root is slightly different from the mainland Japan, around the world. 5 bands including “As Alliance”, “Byakuran(白蘭)”, “ADAM”, “THE OJISOUNDS” and “ASK ME ANOTHER” from this Okinawa Rock Scene have performed at this event!

We would like to present you the digest video of this concert which was held offline with social distance measures at the “Okinawa Cyber-Box”, the livehouse in front of the Kume Shiseibyo Temple (Kume-kousibyo), as well as live streaming at the same time on December 5th, 2020!


KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE -Countdown Eve Show-

今から約500年前の大航海時代、当時の琉球王国(Ryukyu Kingdom)を訪れたポルトガル人「トメ・ピレス(Tomé Pires)」より"友好的で武器を持たず平和を愛する人々"として「Lequios(レキオス=琉球の民)」と呼ばれた沖縄。

そして沖縄は48年前までアメリカだった事もあり、日本本土よりも早く本場のロックンロールシーンが誕生、OKINAWAN ROCKと呼ばれ世界的にも注目をされていた。

沖縄を拠点に海外をメインで活動するバンド「As Alliance」は、そんな歴史を持つ沖縄のロックシーンを「LEQUIOS-ROCK」として再度のムーブメントを巻き起こし、日本本土とは少しルーツの違う沖縄ロックシーンを全世界へ発信するべく立ち上げたイベント「KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE」そんな沖縄のロックシーンから、今回は「As alliance」「白蘭」「ADAM」「THE OJISOUNDS」「ASK ME ANOTHER」の5組が出演!

2020年12月05日に久米孔子廟前のライブハウス「Okinawa Cyber-Box」にてソーシャルディスタンスによるオフライン集客とオンライン配信で開催されたコンサートのダイジェスト版をお届けします!


KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE -Countdown Eve Show-

距今大約500年前的大航海時代,來自當時訪問琉球王國的葡萄牙人「托梅.皮萊資(Tomé Pires)」,作為「友好、赤手空拳愛好和平之人」而被稱為「琉球之民(Lequios)」的沖繩。

而沖繩在48年前還是受美國統治,因而比起日本本土更早誕生正宗的搖滾樂壇,被稱為OKINAWAN ROCK,也受到全球性的關注。

以沖繩為據點,並以海外為主要活動的搖滾樂團「As Alliance」,將在具有這段歷史的沖繩搖滾樂壇中作為「LEQUIOS-ROCK」再次掀起了新運動,為了向全世界傳達與日本本土起源有微妙差距的沖繩搖滾樂壇而舉辦的活動「KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE」,共有來自這樣一個沖繩搖滾樂壇的五組樂團-「As alliance」「白蘭」「ADAM」「THE OJISOUNDS」「ASK ME ANOTHER」參與演出!

這次我們為大家帶來了2020年12月05日於久米孔子廟前的Live House「Okinawa Cyber-Box」進行入場保持社交距離的線下演出以及線上直播演出等二種方式舉行的活動精華版影片!


KNIGHTS OF ALLIANCE -Countdown Eve Show-

약 500년 전 대항해시대, 당시 류큐왕국(Ryukyu Kingdom)을 방문한 포르투갈인 '토메 피레스(Tomé Pires)'에게 '우호적이며 무기를 가지지 않는 평화를 사랑하는 사람들'로서 'Lequios(레키오스=류큐의 백성)'이라고 불렸던 오키나와.

그리고 오키나와는 48년 전까지 미국이었던 관계로 일본 본토보다 빠르게 본고장인 로큰롤 씬이 탄생, OKINAWAN ROCK이라고 불리며 세계적으로도 주목을 받았다.

오키나와 거점 해외를 메인으로 활동하는 밴드 'As Alliance'는, 그런 역사를 가진 오키나와 록 씬을 'LEQUIOS-ROCK'으로 다시 무브먼트를 일으켜, 일본 본토와는 조금 루트가 다른 오키나와 록 씬을 전세계에 중계하기 위해 시작한 이벤트 'KNIGHTS OFALLIANCE'

그런 오키나와의 록 씬에서, 이번에는 'Asalliance' '뱌쿠란(白蘭)' 'ADAM' 'THEOJISOUNDS' 'ASK MEANOTHER'의 5팀이 출연!

2020년 12월 05일에 쿠메코시뵤(久米孔子廟) 앞 라이브 하우스 'Okinawa Cyber-Box'에서 거리두기 지침에 따른 오프라인 집객과 온라인 중계로 개최된 콘서트 다이제스트판을 전해드리겠습니다!

It is now being streamed with subtitles in 5 languages on YouTube!





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